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B-Web is an internet banking service offered to individual and corporate customers giving them the convenience, privacy and flexibility to manage their own accounts.


  1. Virtual keypad for signature/authentication. No need for a payment user to use Digipass, although Digipass will be there as an option
  2. It is more user friendly
  3. Access to overview of account balances
  4. View intraday movements and current balance
  5. Search and download/print movements
  6. Account consolidation across more than one bank (i.e. Groupe BANK OF AFRICA customers will be able to access all their accounts online) Personal settings for the customer such as mails, alerts and password modification.


Monthly fee automatically deducted from account as follows


Individuals – TZS 10,000, SME – TZS 15,000, Corporate – TZS 25,000



  1. Saves time and money
  2. Access the service anywhere and at any time
  3. No additional device needed; required to have internet

connection only

  1. Assurance of reliability, flexibility, privacy and security
  2. Ability to make payments while away from office
  3. Set for yourself SMS Alert notifications regarding balance and movements in your account (s)